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2011 SA Junior Championship

2011 SA Junior Championship
The 61st SA Junior Championship takes place from the 10 to 16 December at Jukskeipark, Kroonstad.  133 Teams en 169 doubles pairs entered this year’s championship, these teams represent 17 unions in South Africa.  Namibia is also taking part and therefore the internationals between South Africa and Namibia will take place on Thursday, 15 December.
13 Provincial Academy teams representing seven provinces will take part in the first provincial academy week.  They will play action jukskei.  Action jukskei is a variation from the normal rules in order to make jukskei more  
Boys U/19A, the 2010 champions, Gauteng North can expect stiff competition from Eastern Gauteng and Western Province which showed very good form in the early part of the season.

Girls U/19A, Northern Cape is always a force to be reckoned with but Boland, Gauteng-West and Eastern Gauteng is going ensure that this is going down to the wire.  

Boys U/16, this is the division where the 2010 champions, Gauteng west overpowered all the other participants, they’ve got an excellent team once again but can’t afford to relax.  Western Province’s team is very young, but definitely one you cannot underestimate, Eastern Free State is also more than capable of giving Gauteng west a run for their money.

Girls U/16, at this stage this is the one division where there are no certainties , Boland, Gauteng west, Eastern Gauteng and Mpumalanga is fairly close to each other.  The team who is going to use their opportunities and adapt to the conditions is the team that will be crowned as the 2011 under 16 girls champion.

Boys U/13A, in the absence of the 2010 champions, Western Province,   Northern Free State, Gauteng West  and Limpopo are the favorites to be crowned as the 2011 champions.

Girls U/13A, SWD, Gauteng North and Gauteng West is the three outstanding teams in this division, they’ve also finished the 2010 championship as top three, with minimal changes to these teams this promise to be an extremely good competition.  

We trust that the 2011 championship will live up to all expectations and that  all the participants, officials, parents and supporters will enjoy the week.

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