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Anrune Liebenberg

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Anrune Liebenberg

Sport CV

My passion for running started at the age of 11 and developed into a drive and motivation in my life. In school I was always competing in middle distance and cross country events at provincial and national championships level.  In matric I was introduce to athletics for persons with disabilities for the first time.  Due to my congenital arm amputee (just below my elbow) there is no middle distance events for my specific class. I therefore needed to develop my speed to be recognised as a 400m, 200m sprinter in my class.  Currently I’m a student at the University of Stellenbosch, studying to become a primary school teacher and competing for Maties in able body and disability sport athletics.

Disability Sport inspired me by seeing what people can do with what they have. My life has change for the better and everyday on the track is a blessing and training for the Paralympics is a dream of presenting my country. A dream that has started at a young age.  To make my dream a reality I’m putting 100 % into my preparation.  I believe that  “ I can do ALL things throught CHRIST who gives me strength !” Phillipians 4 : 13 .

Personal Information

Name: Anruné Liebenberg
Date of birth: 1992-11-03
Place of birth: RSA
Nationality: RSA
Height: 1,66 m
Sport : Athletics
Class : T46 (single below elbow)
Coach : Suzanne Ferreira
e-mail adress :

Sport Achievements:

2010 - 800m (USSASA’S – able body university championships) Bronze medal
        - National champion at the National championships for persons with physical disabilities and visual impairment. 100m ,200m & 400m
1st place in all three events and 3 SA records .
          Pb : 800m – 2.14
          Sb:  400m – 59.18
          Sb : 200m – 27.15
2011 –  IPC World championships in Christchurch 2011 , 2nd place in the 400m   
            class T46 and 6th in the 200m class T46 .
- National Championships for persons with disabilities and visual impairment, 1st place in the 100m , 200m and  400m class T46 .
- BT Paralympics World Cup  in Manchester , 100m (7th)  & 200m (4th) class T46. (Invited athlete)
- IWAS (International wheelchair and amputee sport) world championships in Sarjah (Dubai) , 100m (2nd place ) & 200m (2nd place ) & 400m (1st Place).

2012 – National Championships for persons with disabilities and visual impairment, 1st place in the 100m , 200m and  400m class T46
2012 – Paralympiese spele London 2012
Personal best : 400m - 56,65 sec
                       200m - 25,55 sec
                       100m – 13.19 sec

"Your are not disabled by your disability, but able by your abilities " - Oscar Pistorius.

And REMEMBER to count your BLESSINGS everyday.

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